Thursday, June 15, 2017

One Third

How can summer be one third over? We have had a wonderful time with family this summer. This past week we have attended Vacation Bible School. For the last ten years I have helped in some capacity starting with pre-school and moving around to Bible teacher, crafts and crew leader. This year, I sat with my own pre-school aged boy, watching him act out the story of Gideon, decorate pictures with glue, and plug his ears during the singing. Every day we ride home listening to the VBS music and he doesn't want to leave the car. At dinner last night, he sang and did the motions to the songs even though at the church he stands in awe of the other kids and won't participate. Meanwhile, his little sister runs all over clapping and stomping her feet during the singing. While he participates in the pre-school activities, I watch his sister eat snacks, carry toys around, and put things she finds into her mouth. They both love all the cousin attention and sleep hard at night after a busy day playing. While it is a great activity for kids, I love that God's word is filtering into their hearts and pray that it may reap a harvest for years to come. "If God is for me, who can be against me?"

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